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Signs that your Dog Has Digestive Problems

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When you are in pain, you go to your doctor and heed his advice on what medication to take, however when it comes to your dog experiencing any pain or discomfort, it is not as easy as asking a professional for help.  


Your dogs are very similar to your children, they like to munch on everything they see and through this, vomiting, diarrhea and other digestive problems can occur. In order to help your dog in times of discomfort, it is critical for you as an owner to know what signs to look for so you can help your dog feel better and avoid worse case scenarios.  


  1. Lip Smacking 


When a dog has an upset stomach and is nauseous there is an extra production of saliva in order for a dog’s body to combat a high amount of acid that is produced in the stomach. Saliva is an alkaline that helps in neutralizing the amount of acid produced in the stomach when there is problem with digestion or anything that involves the digestive system. It is a way of the body to protect itself from more harm. If you observed that your dog is smacking his lips, then this is due to extra production of saliva, however sometimes, when problems are more serious, there is more extra saliva being produced that’s why the next indication that your dog has an upset stomach is drooling.  


2. Drooling 


Drooling happens when there is too much saliva produced in the body. When there is a problem with your digestive system, the salivary glands can produce too much saliva in order to protect the body from possible harm from too much acid produced in the stomach that’s why a situation called hyper-salivation happens.  


When dogs are nauseous, not every dog shows the same drooling symptom. The symptom varies from each dog just like how humans show different symptoms as well when having an illness. Some dogs have the ability to lip smack the saliva away while others cannot counter the saliva overproduction. Whatever the case, if both or either of the symptoms are present, then please pay attention to your dog.  


3. Gulping 


Gulping is also a way to counter overproduction of saliva. Reflux can be painful and uncomfortable that’s why some dogs can be restless and some have a look of panic on their faces. Some dogs who have esophageal problems also encounter this type of manifestation.  


4. Grass Consumption 


Dogs often enjoy nibbling on the grass on your lawn for fun. However, if your dog are showing symptoms like the ones mention like lip smacking, gulping or even drooling and goes to your lawn and eating the grass, the reason must be their urge to vomit. Vomiting helps in relieving the discomfort they feel and some are often back to being energetic fellas. 


If ever you are looking for an alternative to help your dog be as comfortable as he has been, try CBD oils or treats as it helps in digestive problems as well. Wondering ‘Is there any CBD near me?’, then check for more details and products available.  

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