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Lawn Maintenance Tips and Tricks

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Installing a beautiful lawn is just the start of something big that lies ahead. Unfortunately, your lawn won’t stay beautiful all year long without you doing a great deal of maintenance with it. You have daily, weekly, and monthly chores to do to make sure that your lawn stays beautiful all year long.

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Think of the lawn as the welcome mat to your home. It’s the first thing your guests and passers-by will notice. It is then very important to keep your lawn healthy for as long as possible. But then again, doing that means having to deal with some hard work.

How to Take Care of Your Lawn

Lawn care should be easy if you do it regularly. Keep in mind that good lawns are fairly manageable. The simple task of mowing your lawn twice a week will go a long way. It’s not true that all lawn maintenance tasks are complicated and time-consuming. If you plan ahead and know of certain strategies, things are going to be a lot easier than it is. Here are some tips on how to take care of your lawn.

1. Edge your lawn.

Edging your lawn means putting set boundaries around the flowerbeds, foundations, steps, and walkways. Edging your lawn makes it more attractive. The most common materials used are bricks and paving stones but you can be more creative with your choice of materials.

2. Mow your lawn.

To keep the well-manicured look of your lawn, mowing should be done at least once every couple of weeks. Don’t cut the grass too low or it may only stress out, leading to poor long-term results. Cut it just right so it can grow some more while extending its roots at the same time. With stronger roots, your grass won’t have any problems with weeds.

3. Remove weeds.

You don’t want weeds in your lawn because they would get the nutrients from the grass and all other plants. Try to cover all areas with grass so there won’t be any spot for weeds to grow. Bare areas are prone to the invasion of weed. So when you see one, reseed it immediately. You may also turn it into something else, like a flower bed or a place for your choice of hardscapes.

4. Plant the right type of grass.

There will always be part of your lawn that is shady, like under a tree. For those areas, you can’t do so much, other than planting some grass. Be sure that you plant shade-loving grasses in these areas. You can help the grass by pruning your tree regularly. That way, you won’t have problems with them drying out too soon.

These are just some of the things that you can to do make lawn care and maintenance easier. Don’t forget to fertilize your lawn, water it, and seek the help of the experts in Athens lawns and landscapes. With the help of professionals, your lawn will be as beautiful as you want it to be, now and for a very long time.

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Professional Commercial Painters: Standards to Uphold

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When you are looking for professional painters to help paint a building or a home property there are standards that you have to uphold. This is important because it is a job that will show up in the end. You want professionals that would be the bang for their buck so, consider your professionals well.

New Orleans Painters

What are the standards that you have to look for when you want to hire a good painting professional?

To make things clear the painters that we will be focusing on this article, will be wall painters instead of the more traditional painting artists. Hiring New Orleans painters are something for you to work out for. There are many professionals out there you aren’t even sure what to get with it.

So, here are some of the things that you should look out for when you are thinking of hiring painters.


LICENSE – There are some states out there that won’t require a painter to have a license. However, there will surely be a license required from the business side. So, you should still ask for both and make sure that at least they are not illegal.

CREDENTIALS – You should also ask about the training that they had undergone to deliver a professional looking paint job. Painting takes a lot of practice and it is something that you should consider when looking for a professional.

INSURANCE- You also want to see if the company or professional you will be hiring has the insurance. Valid insurance is an important part of any business as this will help and protect both the owner of the property and the professional working on the property.

RECORDS – There are times when a business can get complaints from the other people so, you should check up on that. You should make sure that the company or professional you hire doesn’t have any terrible records. You want a professional that will be professional rather than anything else.


This may be a relevant issue when it comes to the result a professional can deliver. However, you still want to see if they have been working in the industry for a long time. This will make sure that you will get the best of everything as more experience can correlate to better performance.


If you can ask for permission from previous work you may check it out. You can actually see some of the prep work done, by the company. This way you’ll know what you can do to make things work for you, which is awesome in a way.


You should always aim for the highest quality material that you can afford. So, you shouldn’t compromise with this. It will pay off in the end as it will last longer and you’ll get more out of this investment. Your professional painters understand this and thus, they will make adjustments for you.

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